About Us

Finches' was started by four cousins, Emily, Kate, Raney and Ellory.

Spending time together has always been a priority, allowing us to be more like sisters rather than cousins. Ranging in age from 14-22 provides the ability for each of us to offer different perspectives, all of which contribute to our products.

Through this experience we are furthering our knowledge in business ownership. From online marketing and direct sales, to designing and creating new products, we are continuing to learn and expand upon Finches' Jewelry.

Family Business

The name and idea of this business is created to honour our Great Grandma 'Cookie' Finch, who was the most creative and artistic person we knew. From homemade jewelry, to doll clothes to the best and most unique desserts, she was continuously creating, and inspiring us until 96 years old. 

Finches' represents our great grandma Finch, while incorporating the 'finch' bird as our logo

Our Goal

Our goal with this business is to share our jewelry while working together on something we love. We are hoping to expand into some local stores while selling our products online as well as local farmers markets in the Fraser Valley.