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We are so excited to finally launch our newest product!

Welcome to the family FINCHES’ Graphics!

After almost a year of figuring out how to effectively execute this new plan, we are so glad its finally becoming a reality. When we first decided to venture into Graphic tees, we thought it would be super easy. We were very wrong. Its not as simple as just designing it and sending it to a company to print as we quickly found out.

  1. Quality is not always consistent/up to our standards when you use some print companies.

  2. The amount of money to place one order is insane, especially when you’re a small business, and have no clue how these pieces will sell/how many sizes to get.

  3. The cost per shirt (unless you order like 1000) is so high, and would make it almost impossible to sell at a reasonable price.

After coming to the conclusion that a print service would not work for us we began brainstorming other ways to make this Graphic Collection become a reality.

Fast-forward eight months and we finally have mastered our plan and production.

All of our Graphics are:

  • Designed by us

  • Printed and Cut in our workspace

  • Pressed by us (to ensure placement and quality)

  • Shipped by us

Our first shirt is our ‘e m p o w e r .’ shirt. This shirt has a lot of meaning to us while portraying a simple yet stylish design. Like many of our jewelry pieces, we love the dainty look, which our shirt reflects. Simple writing and basic colours completes our first ‘e m p o w e r .’ piece.

Available in sizes (AS - AXL) and in White or Black for $25.