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Welcome to Finches’. Enjoy exploring our products, reading our Journal and learning about our family owned business. Thanks for taking the time to support small, local businesses.

Our Fall '18 Update

I constantly feel the need to continuing updating our customers on our new practices, methods and goals as I find that we are still constantly changing and evolving to find our perfect ‘groove’ in this small business world.

Our Ethical/North American made Update:

We strive to provide and properly label our ethically produced products. We, for a while, had a full stock of North American made products and we sourced from other ethical businesses. Now as we grow we want to expand our products and lines and are unable to do so with only North American made products. Keeping our product costs reasonable is an important aspect as we want many people to be able to wear our jewelry while not breaking the bank. We still source our products and supplies from companies we trust, however we can no longer refer to ALL of our products as ethically and North American made. We will be sure to label all of our products accordingly, as some still are sourced from North American suppliers.


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