F I N C H E S ’

Welcome to Finches’. Enjoy exploring our products, reading our Journal and learning about our family owned business. Thanks for taking the time to support small, local businesses.

2 Years Into This Adventure

As we enter our 2-year mark of doing Finches' I wanted to take a moment to look back on the past and reflect on how far we have come in just two short years as well as write down our goals for the futures. 

Starting Finches' was more so just a hobby. We weren't really into putting our pieces in stores, and we didn't spend much time researching quality or longevity of our supplies. Our focus was creating an Instagram & website and making cute, stylish pieces. We were all so lost as to where we wanted to see our business go. Our first piece, the ELLE (which I think we all cringe at now) was created after hours on Pinterest and after being inspired by a Gigi Hadid photo where she had a leather choker with a silver metal detail ring. The quest for the silver ring was NOT easy. I had purchased bulk leather (made from who knows what and came from who knows where) in black and light pink from Amazon and bought a pack of bulk low-quality clasps as well. We looked for weeks to find some metal rings and finally came across the perfect ones at a local beading store in downtown Abbotsford. We struggled to create any more pieces after this one. We knew we wanted to do dainty pieces, but we had no clue how jewelry, chains, clasps, charms or any of that truly worked. So the development of our small family business began, and more specific roles for each person was created. 

With Raney and Ellory both busy with high school, life and activities and Kate away in Kelowna for school most of the year, I, Emily, began to transform Finches' into what it is now. As a perfectionist and someone that has pride in their work, I no longer wanted this to be just a hobby. I began to research techniques and create a jewelry line that I was proud of and wanted to wear every day myself. The first Step to this was the quality of our products. Changing our quality took many, many months to get correct. Over the past year, I have tested and experimented with close to 50 different chains, their materials, and where they originated. Being a family run startup, we didn't have much money to order super expensive chains which is where our dilemma began. I tried bulk wholesale companies, products made in Turkey, China, and Korea and nothing was up to my standards/ the vision that I had. Shortly after testing all of these products I decided that I no longer want to order our products from overseas. I wanted to support other small companies creating metal molds and chains, so I began only ordering from other family-run Canadian and American businesses. As of now, all of our chains, charms, labels, papers, and claps come from small businesses in the States and Canada and are ethically made. 

Now that our pieces are long lasting and something that I wear every single day, I have decided that our next step is entering our pieces into local stores. Our support from friends, family, and people in our community has been amazing. I am so thankful for the past two years and cannot wait to continue expanding and growing the Finches' name and brand throughout Abbotsford and someday beyond. Keep a lookout for news regarding our Finches' products in local stores.


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